Miguel Machado

Full Name: Miguel Paulo Machado

Academic Qualification:

  • Master Degree: Evolutionary and Developmental Biology - FC/UL
  • Degree: Biology (Evolutionary and Developmental Biology) - FC/UL
  • De novo assembly NGS/HTS data
  • Bacteria pan-genome analysis
  • Virulence factors discovery
  • Host-pathogen adaptation


  • mpmachado_at_medicina.ulisboa.pt (replace _at_ by @)

Machado MP, Ribeiro-Gonçalves B, Silva M, Ramirez M, Carriço JA. 2017. Epidemiological surveillance and typing methods to track antibiotic resistant strains using high throughput sequencing. Methods Mol Biol 1520:331–355. (PMID: 27873262)

Friães A, Machado MP, Pato C, Carriço JA, Melo-Cristino J, Ramirez M. 2015. Emergence of the same successful clade among distinct populations of emm89 Streptococcus pyogenes in multiple geographic regions. MBio 6. pii: e01780-15. (PMID: 26628724)

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