João André Carriço

Full Name: João André Nogueira Custódio Carriço

  • Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology - FCT/UNL
  • PhD in Biology:“New perspectives in Microbial Typing”

Biology : Microbiology, Population Evolutionary Genetics, Molecular Epidemiology, Microbial Typing methods
Mathematics : Univariate/Multivariate Statistics for Data Analysis, Graph theory, Resampling methods
Informatics : Matlab, Perl, Data Mining, Databases: Postgresql, Web-Based Interfaces: PHP and HTML/CSS, XML schemas.

Personal homepage - My homepage

Comparing Partitions - a web site useful for finding correspondences between diferent partitions on a dataset, namely the application of different typing methods to a collection of bacterial isolates

ccrB typing - infering SCCmec type through the sequencing of ccrB gene.

goeBURST - a globally optimized implementation of the eBURST algorithm for the analysis of MLST data.


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