Journal Club Articles

Number Author Article Title Keywords Presenters
1 Brooksbank et al. The European Bioinformatics Institute's data resources Available online databases / New sequencing methods / Data Sharing Inês Barbosa - UIB
2 Pertsemlidis and Fondon III. Having a BLAST with bioinformatics (and avoiding BLASTphemy) Sequence Similarity / BLAST / BLAST pitfalls Irina Alho - UIOC
3 Grundmann et al. Geographic Distribution of Staphylococcus aureus Causing Invasive Infections in Europe: A Molecular-Epidemiological Analysis Epidemiological Information Systems / Geographic clonal distribution / bacterial spread and evolution Cristina Silva - UPV
4 Francisco et al. Global optimal eBURST analysis of multilocus typing data using a graphic matroid approach MutliLocus Sequence Typing / Evolutionary Models / Patterns of descent inference and visualization Elisabete Martins - UMMI
5 Pesquita et al. Semantic similarity in biomedical ontologies Data description / Comparison of current ontologies / Data integration Daniel Silva - USI
6 Milo et al. Network motifs: simple building blocks of complex networks Genetic networks / Motif finding / Real networks vs Random networks Susana Gonçalves - UNCM
7 Huttenhower et al. Exploring the human genome with functional maps Human genomics / Interaction networks / Data Mining Filomena Carvalho e Pedro Matos - UBM
8 Samaga et al. The logic of EGFR/ErbB signaling: theoretical properties and analysis of high-throughput data Signalling network / Qualitative modeling /Large-scale network analysis as a whole Andrea Santos e André Faustino - UBM
9 Farhadifar et al. The influence of cell mechanics, cell-cell interactions, and proliferation on epithelial packing Cell packing / Cell proliferation / Epithelial growth modeling Vitor Silva e Vera Geraldes - USNA
10 Chavali et al. Systems analysis of metabolism in the pathogenic trypanosomatid Leishmania major Systems biology / Gene Network reconstruction / Metabolic networks Sandra Aguiar e Ana Severiano - UMMI
11 Jones et al. The New Bioinformatics: Integrating Ecological Data from the Gene to the Biosphere ecoinformatics / data integration / data sharing Maria João Frias - UMMI
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